Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Breads at AlMadina

Established in 2003, Almadina Supermarket offer Mediterranean and Middle Eastern groceries to residents of Raleigh and beyond! This includes a wide selection of bread!

Did you know, we carry breads that are popular in East Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and beyond! On our aisles, you can find Pita Bread, Enjera/Injera Bread (Ethiopian/ Eritrean / Somali fermented flatbread), Afghan Bread, Samoon Bread(Iraqi flatbread), bread sticks, and more! In addition, we offer Frozen Tandoori Naan (single and family pack), Lavash Frozen Bread, Persian Sangak Bread, Frozen Gyro Bread, and more.

In addition to over the counter bread, we also carry refrigerated bread products. Some of the popular brands include Crispy Whole Wheat Roti Bread, Dawn Paratha, Tandooi and Ashoka Naan, and more. We also carry wheat-based snacks – KCB Cake Rusk and Biscuits, Puff Pastries and other snacks.

Stop by to purchase bread along with rest of staples, produce, spices, desserts, and much more at Almadina!