Refrigerated Foods at Almadina Supermarket

Refrigerated food brands

Convenience at its best! Try delicious refrigerated kababs and grilled meats today! These are ideal to serve as part of meal or as appetizers! We offer popular Halal food products from Al-Safa, Midamar, Shahnawaz and other brands! offers halal meat patties and kebabs popular in South Asia and Middle East! We offer Chicken, Lamb, Beef patties and kebabs, including Chapli Kebab and Shami Kebab products. Stop by to shop for tasty foods and much more at Almadina!

Enjoy refrigerated grilled meats and kababs with breads, sauces (including Shatta/hot sauce), and other food products at Almadina!

Almadina Supermarket is proud to carry many Halal refrigerated food products
We carry many popular brands including Shahnawaz, Al-Safa, Midamar.