Grocery Store

Almadina Supermarket is a family owned and run business where we value our customers as much as our family members. We offer Middle Eastern groceries, fresh Zabiha Halal meat and a Mediterranean grill.

We carry many of the best brands from the Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia, which are hard to find at other stores. We are source of fresh produce, rice, flour and breads. We have a wide selection of dried fruits, nuts and some of the best selection of dates. We also carry specialty candies, confections, halva and Turkish delights. On our aisles you can find pure honey, jams, juices, dessert mixes, teas and coffees. You also have a wide choice of beans, lentils, grains, couscous, pickled vegetables and lebnah, grape leaves, Tahini and canned fish. You can choose from Indo-Pak spice mixes, chutneys, ginger-garlic pastes and other specialty food items. We also carry Hookah and Sheesha water-pipes and imported tobacco. You can choose from wide selection of international phone cards.